For over two decades, TaylorWarwick has been providing unbiased guidance, strategies, and solutions to help developers, regional economic development organizations, municipalities, telecom providers, and governments plan, finance, build, and operate broadband copper, fibre, and wireless networks for telecom, develop the partnerships they require to deploy services and manage on-going operations and accrue the knowledge they need to support and capitalize on their broadband deployments. In so doing, TaylorWarwick not only enables clients to optimize economic development opportunities but to compete with the best in class, anywhere in the world.

Over the past ten—years, TaylorWarwick has completed strategic broadband plans for all eleven Alberta regional economic development associations, the Parkland-led Smart Cities Challenge project, the Paintearth Economic Partnership Society, the Vermilion River Regional Association, and the Edmonton International Airport Authority. More focused strategic studies were completed for 23 municipalities, business case development and financial planning studies were completed for 27, and shorter-term tactical studies were completed for 19. In each case, TaylorWarwick has helped the communities evaluate a comprehensive set of options to enhance broadband infrastructure and service sets within their regions and develop the strategic, tactical, and financial plans to make it so. Over the past decade, 19 have moved forward toward implementation.

TaylorWarwick, for example, worked with the Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development (OICRD) to successfully establish the first sustainable community-based fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) network in Canada: O-Net now offers every resident and business in Olds, Alberta, Gb/s services and a complete triple-play services portfolio. More importantly, the availability of the O-Net triple-play services portfolio to any community in Western Canada significantly reduced the risk to any community considering fiber deployment on a utility basis. O-Net, in essence, changed the game.